Adhoc Lecturers Association continues their protest on eighth consecutive day

Peshawar: Adhoc Lecturers Association continued their protest on eighth consecutive day on Monday for the regularization of their services.

The president Afsar Khan led the protest camp outside the Peshawar Press Club, where the participants chanted slogans for the acceptance of their demands.

The speakers recalled that 215 adhoc lecturers were performing their duties for the last five years but the government was adopting delaying tactics to regularize their services. They said the provincial minister for higher education Mushtaq Ghani wand speaker Asad Qasir made commitment with them but that was not honoured.

They said the Chief Minister Pervez Khattak, provincial ministers, Mushtaq Ghani and Shah Farman visited their protest camp and assured to solve their problems within a week. They warned to continue movement if their services were not regularized after one week.