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QUETTA: Describing denial of permission for public meeting to BNP In Quetta party President Sardar Akthar Mengal has said it is undemocratic. He said impeding democratic and political parties is regrettable. We are thankful to all allied parties, tribal elders and people of constituency for voting for party candidate on NA 260.

He expressed these views while addressing a joint Press conference here Thursday. He was flanked by Preside ANP Balochistan Asghar Achakzai, Chief of BM Dr Hayee Baloch, Chairman HDP Khaliq Hazara and BNP Awami leader Wahid Baloch.

Condemning incidents of target killing in Mastung and Quetta he said that it is another addition to heaps of failures of government. Instead of admitting its failure provincial government was harping improvement of law and order.

He said we thank workers of ANP, BNP Awami, BNM, HDP, Baloch , Pashtoon workers for supporting our candidate. It is a proof that during 2013 elections our mandate was snatched. He said parties who work on the pointaiton of establishment or those who change parties on their indication have gathered against us and we are fully aware of the situation. Receiving more than 37 500 votes to our candidates shows trust of people and allied parties.

He said we wanted ot thanked those who cooperated with us in a public meeting and was planning to hold meeting on July 22 but we were not allowed to hold meeting at Hockey Ground and after two days administration asked to hold meeting at Ayub Stadium. When our people went there for preparations security reasons were made justification and we were not allowed it. This speaks of their frustration. We were not allowed to hold public meeting while rulers who speak of dangers to democracy hold public meetings. He said meetings and processions are part of democracy and binding them is regrettable. When we would be stopped from going to people where democracy would go then. If democracy is limited to one province or Islamabad although people of Balochistan are most democracy loving.

President ANP Balochistan Asghar Achakzai condemning incidents in Quetta and Mastung said we are picking bodies since long but neither responsible was caught nor action was taken against any one. Though operations are carried out but real elements were wondering here and there. It attention was not paid to this end then situation would be more deteriorated here than in Khyber Pashtoonkhwa and FATA.

It is surprising security alerts are issued and details about suicide are told. They come here after covering long distances and carry out explosions but their supporters have not been arrested yet. We have also ways spoken of democracy but the way BNP was denied for holding public meeting we were also denied public meeting two times on the condition situation was not normal. But at the same time a Party was allowed to hold its public meeting.

He said we were named in Pashtoon belt we were voting for a Baloch candidate while they were part of government with Baloch. He said Balochistan was standing at heap of explosive. Rulers wer e involved in corruption. In the past people were caught after end of their government whereas remaining in power ministers are sent to jails and others were preparing for it.

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