Anti-dacoits operation launched in Shikarpur; nine bandits killed

SHIKARPUR: Shikarpur district police with the support of Rangers and Army have started long-term operation in Garhi Tegho Katcha areas to eliminate network of the dacoits and other criminals.

In a briefing to mediamen during a joint visit of Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Larkana and journalists of the katcha areas of Garhi Teghani, DIG Larkana police Abdullah Shaikh claimed that during the operation about nine dacoits were killed and 11 others injured while four other notorious dacoits were also arrested from the katcha areas whose names were not disclosed.

The DIG Larkana also informed that during the first phase of the operation in katcha areas, more than 50 houses and hideouts of the notorious dacoits in Belo Teghani, Sonaro Teghani, Yaqoob Teghani and other katcha areas were set on fire and destroyed.

He also explained that the bodies of the killed dacoits could not be recovered by police from the place of firing because of the dacoits succeeded to shift them, while gaining the benefit of dense forest. He said that in first phase of an operation the police approached to the hideouts of the dacoits and destroyed them. While the dacoits had shifted their families to another safe places before reaching the police there.