Artciti Gallery organizes exclusive painting

KARACHI: Artciti Gallery organised a colourful exclusive solo paintings show titled Spatial Reality by Artist Akram Spaul held here at Artciti Gallery, 2nd Floor, 36-C, Bukhari Commercial Lane-13, Khayaban-e-Shujaat, Phase-VI, DHA, Karachi.

The show would be continued till Saturday, September 6, 2014. Meticulous in detail Akram Spaul’s paintings have deep and realistic look as he balances his compositions with strong light effects and shadows. He paints his subject with great concentration providing an appropriate treatment suitable according to the theme.

Akram Spaul is among a few artists who is doing still life nowadays. He paints ordinary things that are the basis of serious subjects of life. He raises a picture to its real appearance by painting its exact components presenting the object along with the elements of composition. In respect of size, placement, colour and light, he creates a balanced composition with the subject having centre position thus creates dynamics of the still life painting.

His curious attitude leads him to undiscovered subjects. He seems to be more inspired from classical things from ancient times especially architecture the historic buildings, old palaces, homes, fascinates him a lot. The tangible forms are the focus of his paintings. In some paintings there is only a single object like a broken window, an open door, a chair while in others a number of objects are involved thus introducing many elements of balance and proportion such as tea table with tea and bakery items, an office table and other necessary accessories and a writing table spread with books, pen and stationary.

Artciti is an online web portal that aims at promoting Pakistani talent in art across the globe. In time, Artciti plans to tour selected countries to promote Pakistani artists who will accompany us and will be able to enjoy exposure to the international world of art.

Artciti will open the world to the amazing talent of Pakistan’s most revered artists and allow them to reach every corner of the world to realize true value of their work.

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