Asma Jahangir-Press

QUETTA: There seems a political crisis in the country and much was being listened. Procedure for appointment of judges for decisions based on justice should be changed and appeals should be included in suo motto notices. Instead of arguments personal attacks were being made and politicians were slinging mud against each other which is not political but personal enmity.

Many politicians have been put behind the bars but no justice or general were sent to jail ever. If Articles 62 and 63 were pressed almost 98 percent people do not fulfill it.

This was stated by former President Supreme court Bar Association Mohtarma Asma Jahangir while speaking during Meet the Press Programme of Quetta Press Club Tuesday. She was flanked by renowned lawyer Abdul Lateef Afridi.

Former President SCBA Kamran Murtaza, President Press Cub Razaur Rehman were also present.

She said she analysed decision on Panama Leaks and she has several questions about it. She said she desired civilian supremacy and strength of Parliament because it is the only institution where there is legislation and decision are made for people.

She said if we made Parliament weak and parliament makes legislation to remove judges it would deteriorate the situation. She said it is amazing case is of NAB and it is monitored by SC Judges. She said according to her it is not right and after SC decision hue and cry and showing judges pictures on TV screen is not justified.

She said it is said that judges were offered money. If there such a problem why judges remained silent. They should take action against those who made this propaganda or take action against them who made offer of money factually.

She said in the past 11 judges of Supreme Court acquitted Nawaz Sharif while five judges disqualified him this time. It is to see if those judges were wrong or present judges gave wrong decision.

She said if there is democracy there is dignity of Supreme Court. She said after present decision she sees political crisis and everything in the coming days. If there is my enemy she would not think bad for their children.

Asma Jahangir said there is supremacy of rule of law but she was seeing rule of martial law. She said if we make such dispute decisions Allah forbid Country may not move to some other direction. In that case loss would be ours.

She said lawyers and media played important role for strength of judiciary and democracy then by politicians. Even today 200 million people look at us.

Asma said we follow principles and her stand was for democracy. She said all those would fly by plane but we and our children have to live here. Procedure for appointment of judges should be changed. If there is democracy in the country there is dignity of Supreme Court. Even children and women are pushed in the politics. Instead of arguments personal attacks are made.

Lateef Afridi said we must present Pakistan’s map in the world in a better way. But due to internal and external policy neighbouring country India and Afghanistan, Iran even America and NATO are angry with us. Except China our relations with other countries are sore if we want development we have to improve our relations with all countries. He said rulers claim our 60 thousand people have been martyred but he wants to make it clear that more than 300,000 people have been departed from us including August 8 incident.

He said acts of terrorism have increased in Khyber Pashtoonkhwa and Balochistan. For elimination of terrorism whether religious or extremism it be ended.

He said process of dialogues for end to apprehensions of Balochistan should be continued because no issue can be resolved by bullet.

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