BHU Veehar village building still outdated

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BHU Veehar village building still outdated

LARKANA: The building of Basic Health Unit (BHU), Veehar village near Mohenjo Daro, has become very outdated due to which patients and the hospital employees fear to enter it and get treatment.

In this connection, villagers Faiz Mohammad, Ghulam Ali, Siraj Ahmed and others who had reached the BHU, told media on Thursday that as many as 30 poor ailing people including men, women and children get medical treatment from this centre daily but due to its dangerous condition they are always in hurry to get out of the building so that it may not fall over them.

They said that it has no boundary walls hence stray animals always occupy its premises adding its walls and roof have also become dangerous and the entire building need to be demolished and reconstructed afresh.

Duty doctor Shamsuddin Sohu said that the building is very old and should be converted into a debris as soon as possible by the government because it is always feared that it may collapse anytime. He said poor needy patients arrive here from more than 20 nearby villages and get treatment but due to dilapidated condition of the building most of them are examined by him outside the BHU because, he added, they refuse to enter into the building for fear. The villagers demanded of the rulers to get the building reconstructed immediately to prevent any human loss so that they may be able to benefit from the healthcare facility without any harm.

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