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QUETTA: There prevails wrong impression about preliminary milk. It is most useful for infants.This was stated by speakers at a seminar organised by Nutrition Cell Health Department at Government Girls College in connection with usefulness of mothers’ milk. Large number of teachers and students attended.

Speakers including Professor Dr Naila Ehsan, Assistant Professor Dr Mushtaq Jaffar, WHO Representative Dr Asfand Yar Sherani and others said that of one thousand infant born die every year while 97 reach to the age of one year and 111 children died till the age of 5 years.

Main reason behind death of so many children is diarrhea. Feeding by feeder most of the children are died due to diarrhea. By feeding mothers’ milk children’s mortality ratio can be minimized.

Speakers said that Almighty Allah says in Holy Quran Surah Al Baqara verse 233 ‘mothers feed their milk to children upto two years. True upbringing of children mentally, physically and spiritual is possible through this milk. Soon after birth children should be started this milk.

There prevails wrong concept about first three day milk. It must be fed as it serves as vaccine and keep children secure from several diseases. Children should be fed on mothers’ milk upto six months then they should be started soft food. They said mothers’ milk is their natural and Shariah right and they must not be deprived of this.

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