’Census results tempered to deprive Karachiites’

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Karachi: Pasban e Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor has rejected the results of the national census of 2017 regarding Karachi, terming them technically incorrect.

In a statement here Sunday, he said why the Karachi-based politicians are silent over this sensitive issue. He asked if once again the rights of the masses of Karachi have been sold. He said the growth rate of Karachi has shown less than the population growth of other areas of the country despite huge influx of the jobseekers, who come and settle in Karachi. He asked to tell who was behind this result tempering.

He said the national census was held after huge pressure of public and the directives of the apex court, but Pasban has rejected the initial results of the census concerning to the city. He said any person who has even layman knowledge of statistics cannot accept these results. He said those taking hundred percent votes from Karachi do not serve the city even by 10percent.

He said as per the initial results, the population of the country is shown as 21 Crores. The population of Karachi is shown as 1 Crore and 70 Lakhs, while the population of Lahore as One Crore and 20 Lakhs, despite the fact that Karachi is several times larger as compared to Lahore.

He said the population figures about Karachi have been tempered so that its people cannot get the facilities and rights they deserve. He asked if the elected representatives of Karachi have once again sold the city for their petty interests.

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