CMCH’s Casualty Ward without Anti-Tetanus Serum injections

LARKANA: There is no Anti-Tetanus Serum (ATS) in the Casualty Ward of Chandka Medical College Hospital, reliable sources disclosed to reporters here on Tuesday.

Since 01 February 2016, no ATS injection was supplied to the ward as indents sent to main store were marked not available. Duty doctors said on the condition of anonymity that 300 injections are required daily to cope up the cases because of the fact that over 600 patients visit the Casualty ward in 24 hours. Dog bite and injured cases arrive in large numbers in the emergency department regularly and this very cheap injection is most vital for their treatment.

On Tuesday, 600 injections were indented but only 200 were allowed after eight days which indeed negates the tall claims of the government that healthcare system has been better taken care of in the Sindh province. On the other hand, there are outdated old computers with non-functioning printers and the dearth of white computer printing paper is always felt by the ministerial staff due to which official work suffer very seriously.

To obtain a single white computer printing paper indeed is a very cumbersome job in the entire 1400-bed hospital which indeed is astonishing in this world of science. A Deputy Medical Superintendent complained that he indented bulbs, electric savers and holders to drag out darkness in his hospital block, but he is running from pillar to post to have these low cost items since months which really is very dangerous situation & speaks high about the management affairs of the hospital. This hospital at least badly needs 100 latest computers with printers on emergency basis to deal with the situation otherwise only urgent work is being carried out and other is left unattended. Will the bosses of health department do something to resolve the issues of the Hospital on priority basis or it will be treated like the hospitals of Tharparker is to be seen in the future.