Demand to send back detailment officials

KARACHI: All Sindh Technical Education Employees Association’s (ASTEEA) President Karachi chapter, Associate Professor Ghulam Ahmed Khan on Tuesday demanded of Sindh Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority’s (STEVTA) Managing Director SM Kaleem Makki to take departmental action against officials who were directed to leave their detailment posts and report at their original departments but had not left yet.

Khan revealed that despite cancellation orders were issued to 25 officials who were working at detailment or assign to work on different administrative posts at different institutes or offices under the STEVTA, had not left their seats and working on their same previous postings.

He said, after the year 2008-9 the Sindh Technical Education came under the Authority, so as the technical education system and its administrative policies could be enhanced but unfortunately it had not been improved.

He appreciated STEVTA’s MD’s initiatives regarding betterment of system and taking notice against teaching staff working at administrative posts. He demanded of higher authorities for implementation of the notification which was issued By STEVTA MD on August 11, 2015.

He said as per the notification no one is eligible to work if he or she was appointing on detailment or assign to work in the past but all officials are still working while all the lower salaries employees have already been sent at their original departments.