Diplomatic: (Pakistan Embassy hosts peace and friendship dinner)

ISLAMABAD: To project the Prime Minister of Pakistan’s vision for Peaceful Neighbourhood, the Pakistan’s Mission in Tokyo organised a Dinner Reception with participation from a wide group of friends of the Embassy.

The occasion was hosted and moderated by Ambassador Farrukh Amil, says a press release received here on Thursday from Tokyo. Extending a warm welcome to the guests that included former Ambassadors of Japan to Pakistan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Think-Tanks, Academia, Media as well as President of Friendship Exchange Council and Japanese students, the Ambassador, observed that leaderships in both countries strived to achieve development through peace.

The Ambassador briefed the guests on Prime Minister of Pakistan’s Vision for Peaceful Neighbourhood and underlined the improved security situation within Pakistan and a visible improvement in relations with all neighbours.

The guests, while admiring the courage and commitment of Pakistani UN Peacekeepers appreciated Pakistan’s leading contributions to UNPKOs and appreciated Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s vision for a Peaceful Neighbourhood, terming the recent engagement between Leaders of Pakistan and India as a step in the right direction.

The Ambassador appreciating Japan’s presence on UN Security Council, underlined the core issue of Kashmir and the necessity to grant the Kashmiris their legitimate right to self-determination as guaranteed by relevant UNSC resolutions.