Drug errors claim thousands of lives in Pakistan annually

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Drug errors claim thousands of lives in Pakistan annually

KARACHI: Overdose or drug errors effect an estimated 0.4 million people in Pakistan each year out of them thousands loss their lives due its related complications.

This was stated by Pakistan Society of Health-System Pharmacists President Abdul Latif Sheikh while talking on Tuesday.

“Although there was no data registry of patients died due to overdose or misuse of drugs in Pakistan but medicines effects less than half million people in the country annually,” he added.

Latif Sheikh said although private and public sector hospitals have introduced some reforms in pharmacy sector in the light of international recommendations but much work are still to be done in this field to prevent people from side-effects of drugs.

He informed that 50,000 to 70, 000 Americans died of drug overdoses each year. He said around five per cent of overall admissions in hospitals occured owing to self-medication or misuse of drugs in all over the world including Pakistan.

He said pharmacists have a very important role in healthcare sector like purchasing medicine, storing, distribution, and maintaining quantity and quality of drugs given to the patients.

Sheikh stressed the need of education and mass public awareness to prevent people from drug related complications or side-effects.

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