Economy (POEPA demands improved foreign exchange services)

Islamabad: Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoters Association (POEPA) on Saturday said business community unconditionally supports economic and energy vision of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who has put country on the path of progress and prosperity.

Economy is growing, investors’ confidence continue to improve while energy import and manpower export deals with Qatar are highly significant, said Chairman POEPA Chaudhry Mohammad Afzal.

Talking to POEPA leaders Rashid Sheikh, Ishaq Janjua, Aqeel Awan, Raja Sultan and others, he said that LNG deal would benefit industry, agriculture and domestic consumers while government will be in a position to reduce tariff to provide relief to masses.

He said that deal over such a reduced price is great achievement of the government and now government should focus on consistency in supplies and establishment of more terminals to cater for the needs of different sectors.

He said that issues like Thar coal, exploration of oil and gas, establishment of mega dams and gas import deals from Iran and Turkmenistan should continue to get attention of policymakers.

Ch. Mohammad Afzal lauded the manpower export deal with Qatar which will double the volume of remittances being received by Pakistan.

He said that one hundred and fifteen thousand Pakistanis were already working there playing active role in development of brotherly country while adding one hundred thousand more manpower will reduce poverty and unemployment at home.

It will also help Pakistan improve forex situation, he said, adding that overseas Pakistanis must be facilitated and foreign exchange services must be improved.