Give true rule of law to nation of Quaid: Fowzia

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Karachi: Aafia Movement Pakistan leader and noted neurophysician of the country Dr Fowzia Siddiqui has said that we are only paying lip service to the founding father of Pakistan on his each anniversary, while to show a true loyalty and followership to the Quaid e Azam we must have to give a true rule of law to his nation.

In a statement released on the occasion of the death anniversary of Quaid e Azam here Monday, she said the founding father of Pakistan, himself, was a great legal expert, and he had a zero tolerance to neglect of law and injustice to people. She said we are just hurting the soul of Hazrat Quaid e Azam with our failure to make Pakistan a true law-abiding and justice-based society. She said mere observing the anniversaries of the Quaid in a stereotype manner like visits to his Mazar and hollow praises to his ideals we are not doing justice with our founding father.

She said that for paying a true homage to the Quaid we have to bring home Dr Aafia Siddiqui in a respectable manner, as in the idea of Pakistan that was given by Quaid e Azam and Allama Iqbal there was no concept of leaving innocent daughters of the nation languishing in foreign prisons. She said human trafficking of mothers and daughters in Pakistan is disrespect to the ideals of Quaid e Azam.

She said that Pakistan was formed in the name of Islam and it was supposed to be a country where every citizen would live with peace, honour and dignity. She said today ordinary Pakistanis are living in a disgrace due to blanket violation of law and constitution, which is a matter of great concerns. She said by handing over our own daughter to the aliens we have shattered the lofty dreams of Quaid e Azam.

She said Aafia has been spending 15th year in illegal American detention. She said on September 23, the sham verdict of the American court in her case would also complete seven long years. She said noted legal experts of whole world have already termed this court verdict a joke with law. She said Pakistani rulers have already spoiled several opportunities to get the repatriation of Aafia. She said the cup of the patience of this nation is now filled to the brim. She said there should be no compromises when it the matter of national honour and dignity.

She asked the rulers not to waste yet another chance to get Aafia released and sent back to Pakistan. She said this process would give a sense of security to all other daughters of this nation. She said 22 Crore proud Pakistanis would not let the blood of the martyrs of the Movement of Pakistan wasted.

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