Governor, CM messages on Defence Day

QUETTA: Balochistan Governor Mohammad Khan Achakzai and Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zehri have said we are united to ensure development, peace and security of Balochistan and Pakistan.

They said this in their separate messages on Defence of Pakistan Day being observed Wednesday September 6, 2017.

Governor Achakzai said September 6 occupies great significance in Pakistan’s history because 52 years earlier on this day our brave forces had thwarted aggression of enemy several times bigger and successfully defended the country and wrote this history.

He said this is the day when our handful armed forces with bravery foiled nefarious designs of enemy and became rock for the defence of motherland. He said armed forces not only but our nation by getting united proved that abundance of weapons or strength have no fact before unity, and power of eman.

Governor said we should repledge out commitment on this day we would not allow sacrifices of our great martyrs go waste and maintain same spirit and commitment for security, stability and defence of our homeland with same zeal and zest shown by the nation on September 6, 1965 war.

Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zehri said we are united as in 1965 to ensure Pakistan and Balochistan’s development, peace and security. We are fully committed to foil enemies evil designs along with our security forces.

He said the same enemy has hand in deteriorating situation in Pakistan particularly Balochistan that had committed aggression on us in 1965. But the manner nation has foiled nefarious designs of enemy at that time along with Pak Armed forces we are fully capable of thwarting all conspiracies of enemy with same spirit and dynamism.

Zehri said again country is gripped by terrorism and we have to defeat extremism and terrorism. He said Pak Army has got successes against terrorists through Operation Zarb Azb and Operation Raddul Fasad that speak Pakistan’s strong armed forces moral is as high as it was during 1865 war.

He said on this day in 1965 Indian forces had crossed borders without any warning and declaration of war and attacked Pakistan cowardly. But our brave forces not only stopped this attack but caused heavy loss to Indian forces. He said Pakistan emerged as strong and self confident nation from 1965 war. Owing to national solidarity naked aggression of Indian along the international border was foiled and India had to pay heavy cost for this unjust aggression. It is of course a best day and best tradition and our coming generations would remember it with pride.

We paying tributes to Major Raja Aziz bhatti Shaheed, Squadron Leader Alaudidn, Squadron Leer MA Qurehsi, Squadron Leader SarfrazAhmed bhatti, Squadron leader m M Alam and all martyrs who rendered life giving sacrifices we have to reiterate our pledge we would not deviate form any sacrifice for the defence of our country.

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