ITE, PPAF solarise 3000 houses, provide livelihood projects in Thatta

KARACHI: Indus Earth Trust (IET) in collaboration with Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) have provided 3000 home solar lights, 300 solar lantrens, 145 solar street lights, 100 hybrid wind-solar systems, 22 solar water pumps and many livelihood support projects to the poor people in different villages of Thatta so that they could earn their livelihood with dignity and pass life in comfortable manner, said IET Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Shahid Sayeed Khan while briefing media during a field visit to union councils – Gharo and Dhabeji in Thatta district today.

“The solarisation of villages have made the life of people comfortable and helped them to work in the nights. The women can now perform embroidery work while school children have also become able to study in the nights, our projects have raised the income of poor villagers,” he said.

Shahid said that under IET-PPAF’s other projects, villagers of Thatta had also been provided with 140 dug wells, 26 rain water units, 65 water filtration units, 40 water channels, 15 gabion check dams, and 32 flood protection embankments.

He said that IET-PPAF had also provided 32 housing schemes, 23 wind turbines, 143 hand pumps, 400 first aid kits, 50 agriculture land levelling equipments, 24 link roads, and 30 micro irrigation systems. “The projects have created positive impact on the livelihood of the people. The villagers have been now earning livelihood with dignity.”

He said that IET is not the charity organization as it only works for development. IET was established in 2000, mainly to work for the neglected coastal communities of Pakistan. IET has been a partner of PPAF since 2004. He said that Sindh government had ignored rural areas of Thatta; therefore, media should play a positive role to press the government for bringing development to these areas. “We have also trained people in various fields and provided Rs50,000 as an asset to one member of each family in various villages so that they could earn their livelihood with dignity. We are committed to alleviate poverty from this region in association with PPAF,” Shahid concluded.

Syed Shaiq Ali, Senior Manager Development at IET, said that IET in collaboration with PPAF had completed various projects which had changed the fate of poor people. Our livelihood-based and solar system projects had supported their income generation. He said that the government also needs to support the poor people and provide infrastructure projects in rural areas of Thatta.

He said that they would provide solar power min-grids to Bachu Kolhi Goth, Jaffer Jokhi Goth, Ishaq Jokhio Goth and one other village in Thatta besides providing Rs50,000 each to a member of various families in those villages in March 2016 for starting livelihood business for their families. He said: “IET and PPAF are supporting people of villages in Thatta so that they can earn their livelihood with dignity.”