JI demands ending political patronage of crime

Karachi: Jamaat-e- Islami (JI) Karachi chapter amir Hafiz Naeem-Ur- Rehman has demanded exemplary punishment to the culprits of Baldia factory fire, the most horrible factory fire in industrial history of Pakistan that claimed more than 250 innocent lives, including of children and women.

Commenting on a report of the Joint Interrogation Team (JIT), he said that the JIT report has once again revealed the real fascist agenda of a Karachi-based political party. He said the factory was put on fire for not paying extortion and meeting other demands of that political party.

Engr. Naeem said that it was the most horrible and brutal act of mass killing in Pakistan in which more than two hundred innocent labourers were burnt alive in the greed of extortion money.

He claimed that the culprits not only set the factory ablaze and killed innocent people but they also are responsible for plundering extortion money from other businesses. He regretted that the heirs of victims were misguided and just paid lip service and crocodile tears.

The JI leader was of the view that a sustainable peace cannot be maintained in the megalopolis, until and unless these culprits are arrested and dealt as per law.

He demanded unbiased and across the board action against all criminals. He also demanded to shun the practice of providing political shelter to the killers, extortionists and other criminals.