JI demands handing over houses to flood affected in Sukkur

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JI demands handing over houses to flood affected in Sukkur

Lahore: Secretary General, Jamaat e Islami, Liaqat Baloch, has called upon the federal government and the Sindh government to immediately hand over more than two thousand housing units built by Turkey in Sukkur for the families affected by the 2010 floods.

In a statement here on Thursday, he said that the government of Turkey with the cooperation of a leading Turkish Housing Society had built 2120 housing units in the suburbs of Sukkur for the Haris and other poor families whose houses had been washed away by the flood in 2010. This colony, spread over an area of three hundred acres of land and built a cost of over 175 million rupees, was handed over to the Sindh government in 2013 but the provincial government had not allotted these housing units to the affected families till now even after the passage of four years.

Liaqat Baloch said that professional criminals both individuals and groups had removed costly items from these houses and sold the same in the market. Due to lack of proper look after, the colony was gave the look of ruins while on the other hand, the affected families remained without shelter till now.

He said that in 2015, the Sindh Chief Minister had called a meeting and ordered the handing over of these houses to the affected families within one month but his orders were not implemented so far. He said that the Turkish government the concerned Housing Society had protested on this state of affairs.

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