LPG prices are on the rise

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KARACHI: Chairman FPCCI Standing Committee on LPG for 2017, LPG Industries Association of Pakistan (LPG Chamber of Pakistan) & LPG Distributors Association Pakistan, Irfan Khokhar said that LPG prices are on the rise and after 4 years LPG prices in Lahore have touched Rs 100 per kilogram.

The 3rd time increase of Rs 5/kg, Rs 60 in domestic & Rs 240 in commercial cylinder have led to total Rs 30/kg, Rs 350 in domestic & Rs 1380 in commercial cylinder just in three days.

The shortage of LPG has transformed to LPG crisis. This happened when SSGC tried to hide its Rs147 million worth LPG theft by blacklisting 2ndbiggest LPG importer of 2016. Ayan Energy imported 105815MT in 2016 to maintain the supply chain to fill the demand & supply gap. Ayan Energy was blacklisted when it stood up for itself and SSGC`s corrupt & arrogant officials were unable to swallow their pride, after which they were also responsible for defaming of government by creating shortage of LPG.

Local LPG producers are prowling poor people of Pakistan due to this shortage and will continue if LPG is not imported. The only way to fill demand & supply gap is to import more LPG. Khokhar challenged SSGC for the arguments anywhere in Pakistan. Decision about protest against SSGC will soon be announced.

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