Major Karachi station pitch dark due to load shedding

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Karachi: Drigh Road Junction, a major railway station of Karachi, plunges into darmkeness daily due to load shedding and passengers wait for trains at pitch dark platforms.

During visit to the Drigh Road Junction, previous night, it was observed that hundreds of passengers were waiting for Down Sukkur Express in total darkness, as this major railway station has no arrangements for standby generators. Hundreds of women and children waiting for the train in darkness depicted a sorry picture of facilities available at railway stations of Karachi.

Though the platform was newly reconstructed but the number of benches for waiting passengers was dismally low. Besides no light there was not drinking water. Even there was no security check and nobody was searching the luggage of passengers.

If the stations like Drigh Road Karachi are even compared to small railway stations like Raiwand, one could feel that in Sindh the Pakistan Railway facilities are not increased at all.

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