’Manhandling special people height of bad governance’

KARACHI: Leaders of political, social and religio-political parties on Tuesday extremely condemned the Sindh police for restoring to baton-charge on special persons outside the Sindh Assembly during their protest and demanded to implement 2% quota of special people in government jobs.

Pakistan Muslim League-Q Sindh President Haleem Adil Sheikh extremely condemned the Sindh government for violating the rules of human rights and showing its insensitiveness to the plights of special people. He said it is the height of cruelty to torture disabled persons including women who just demanded their legal rights. He said if the Sindh government is unable to provide them employment still then it does not have the right to torture the citizens.

Sheikh alleged that the Sindh ministers were selling the government jobs or appointing their cronies on them. He said Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) had always shown its bad governorship whenever it had came into power. He demanded the parliamentarians of other parties to raise this issue in Sindh assembly. He said the just demands of the special people should be met who have been on protest for five months outside the Karachi Press Club.

Pakistan People’s party (PPP) leader Latif Mughal said it was mismanagement of Sindh police as they violated the human rights. He said strict action should be taken against police officers who were involved in such sorrow act. He confessed that the government has failed to fully implement the quota system whether it is the quota of disabled people or women. He said there are some elements in the bureaucracy who do not want a proper management system in government just for the sake of their petty vested interests.

Mughal said Sindh government should seriously take action against the involved persons and ensure the provision of justice to people.

Jamaat-e-Islam Karachi Chief Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman, while condemning the torture on special persons, said it is blatant violation of human rights and laws. He said the provincial government instead of listening to the protestors who were demanding their actual rights, extremely tortured them. He said such kind of aggression shows there is a sheer negligence of government.

Raising the corruption issues, he said in local government department some posts for non-Muslims categories were given to other people for money or on political basis. He said Sindh government should follow the right path and deliver good governance.

Lawyers for Human Rights and Legal Aid president Zia Awan said unfortunately the disabled persons were baton-charged at Sindh assembly where they had sent their representatives for talks with the government. He said instead of listening to these innocent guys they were physically tortured. He said the Sindh government had sold jobs for money and appointed corrupt, unworthy and incompetent people on senior posts.

He said no any police officer can dare to torture citizens unless he or she gets green signal from the government.

While suggesting forming a committee to resolve the issue of disabled persons protesting for long, he said such persons are also a productive part of the society.