Nazima Women Wing JI Balochistan

QUETTA: Internet, cable net and other means were badly hurting our younger generations which were creating ills speedily in society. Younger generation was distancing from shame and suffering from bad habits and due to disintegration in their morale our family system is also deteriorating.

This was stated by Nazima Women Wing Jamaat Islami Balochistan Samina Saeed, Rubina Ali and Yasmin Achakzai here Saturday.

They said observers of Valentine Day are enemies of our younger generation, Islamic rituals and Life. Giving much coverage to such activities was destroying out religious and moral values are condemnable.

They said redressing these ills of society is important need of time so that being Muslims we not only save our coming generations but provide them courage and strength to fight against storm of vulgarity and nudity and make them useful individuals of society through positive activities.

We strong condemn Valentine Day and occasions reflecting Western civilizations. We desire to seek cooperation of owners and responsible of companies for publication of immoral and non ideological advertisements and material in newspapers. We also draw attention of Media owners and responsible of companies over advertisements, programmes and negative material being run over electronic, social media and cable networks to support for revival of Islamic civilization.

They said government should make binding upon all such social bodies and organisations not to complete their vulgar and immoral agenda under the so called rights of women nor involve in dirty act of bringing bad name to Pakistani society.