No traffic police writ in Regal Chowk

Karachi: Karachi Traffic police is trying their best to show their writ in Karachi, but sadly in Regal Chowk area of Saddar, they are helpless and people openly violate no-parking rule in this area, even in the present of traffic cops.

The traffic police have erected many signboards of No Parking in Regal Chowk area but every type of vehicles could be found parked under these signboards, and traffic police present on duty in the area are powerless to take action against the violators.

It is learnt that power market associations are not in favor of making Saddar and Regal Chowk as no parking zones and mostly shopkeepers of these markets park their vehicles beneath the No Parking signboards to make mockery of Karachi traffic police.

Hundreds of rickshaws and taxis are also seen in this area parked in No Parking area but the traffic cops are too meek to take action against them.

Insiders say Saddar and Regal Chowk areas generate millions of rupees of bribery every month and in return the black sheep in traffic police department turn their blind eye to sheer illegal parking in this area.

This is one of the busiest roads of Karachi and illegal parking there creates immense traffic jams, wasting precious time and fuel of citizens. Streamlining traffic in this area, by fully implementing the no parking rule would greatly help to reduce traffic pressure on the nearby busy streets and improve overall traffic jam situation in the city.

The citizens have requested Commissioner Karachi Asif Haider Shah and DIG Traffic Karachi Dr Amir Ahmed Shaikh to pay personal visits to the Saddar and Regal Chowk areas and order strict implementation of no parking rule in the larger public interest.