Overflowing gutter outside LGH causing hardship for patients

KARACHI: Overflowing gutter outside the main entrance gate of Lyari General Hospital, Karachi and Ayaz Samoon Nursing Training Institute, causing serious inconvenience for hundreds of visiting patients and nursing students.

An official of Lyari General Hospital told PPI that the overflowing gutter outside the main entrance gate of hospital and nursing training institute, causing grave inconvenience for doctors, paramedics, nurses, patients and their attendants.

He said overflowing gutter has become sources of spread of infection to patients in already admitted the hospital. The main gate of hospital and nursing institution remains inundated in gutter water, depicting an awful picture of cleanliness.

He said no civic institution like Karachi Municipal Corporation is ready to drainage the sewerage water stranded outside the hospital where 2,000 to 2,500 people visit each day for treatment and consultation.

The managements of these two institutions depute their own sanitary staff drained out the stagnant sewerage water but failed to find a permanent solution to this issue. He said hospital sanitary staff drains out sewerage water on daily basis but next day they face the same situation.

He said overflowing gutter in front of any hospital is not just a great inconvenience for visiting patients but also a shame for the management of that hospital. He said poor cleanliness condition of hospital show the level of negligence and incompetency of our civic institutions that are responsible for maintaining cleanliness and sewerage systems.

Additional Medical Superintendent, Lyari General Hospital Karachi, Dr Khalil Ahmed Pathan was not available for comment.