Passage of anti-NAB bill a blemish on Sindh: Altaf Shakoor

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Karachi: The passage of anti-NAB bill has hanged the heads of the nation in shame and it would be remembered as a blemish on the face of the Sindh and its assembly, said Pasban e Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor here Tuesday.

Addressing a meeting of the central committee of his party, he said despite the protest of the whole opposition, the ruling party passed the black law, which shows that for these elements politics is not a mean of serving people but saving the corruption mafia.

He said these spineless politicians are now considering the corruption as ‘beauty of democracy’. He asked why these people are not passing a bill from the Sindh Assembly to formally declare the corruption a legal business. He said these patrons of corruption mafia should summon courage and legalize all type of corrupt practices in the province of Sindh for good instead of playing these gimmicks.

He said every law-abiding citizen of Pakistan has abhorred the passage of this black law. He said people should hoist black flags and wear black armbands to condemn this official patronage of corruption. He said instead of increasing the powers of NAB, they are bent to curtail its powers to save their notoriously corrupt leaders and cadres. He said Pasban would stage a protest demo before the Karachi Press Club tomorrow to condemn the black law.

He requested for a suo moto notice in this matter to frustrate the corruption mafia in Pakistan and their patrons in the corridors of power. He said the only way to save and salvage Pakistan is to take on the corruption mafia with a full might on all fronts. He said the defeat of the corruption mafia would be the victory for Pakistan and Pakistanis.

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