PCSIR directed to focus on demand-driven research

KARACHI: Ministry of Science & Technology’s (MoST) Federal Secretary, Fazal Abbas Maken, on Monday directed Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) Karachi’s, Scientists to make extra efforts to undertake demand-driven research projects and assignments, and produce results within short span of time.

Development in Science & Technology can play pivotal role in the progress of a country, he said while addressing to scientists & technologists of PCSIR Laboratories Complex, Karachi during his visit on August 31, 2015.

The Federal Secretary emphasized that PCSIR being R&D Organization should focus on research, innovation and commercialization as result-oriented and ardent efforts are absolutely essential for R&D organizations to play their role in the socio-economic development of country.

Fazal Abbas raised various questions, and enquired about the progress & status of the respective R&D projects/work from the concerned HOCs, OICs & Project Directors. He also shared his experience & knowledge with them and gave advice & guidance to them to achieve the targets.

He was also briefed by PCSIR Karachi’s Director General Dr Kaniz Fizza Azhar, about various R&D activities and progress of various Research projects at her laboratory.

Fazal directed the scientists to ensure such a research work that it could not be duplicated in the other organizations to avoid the wastage of public exchequer on the analogous work.

He insisted that linkages must be made with industries, public/private organizations and academia to improve the research & development. He expressed his concern over lack of coordination among the scientific community which is one of the hindrance in the development and collaborative work.

MoST’s Joint Technological Advisor Mohammad Khalid Siddiq was also present.