PML-N to clean sweep polls in Sindh: Gujjar

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PML-N to clean sweep polls in Sindh: Gujjar

July 1, 2018

KARACHI:Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz PML-N will clean sweep polls in Sindh. General elections will be exemplary to protect the future of generations. Sindh’s vote for the party would be surety for securing future of the country.

This was stated by PML-N Karachi division president Ali Akbar Gujjar while addressing a meeting on Sunday in Gulshan-e-Jamal pertaining to election campaign for Ali Ashiq Gujjar and Dr Muftah Ismail on NA-244 and PS-103, respectively.

He alleged that in previous elections, these constituencies were forcibly snatched at gun, and in three previous elections, their polling stations were occupied.

He said: Due to courageous decisions of Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, the people of Karachi had got rid of criminals and those criminals are under the custody of law enforcement agencies.”

Akbar claimed that they would achieve success on NA-244 and PS-103. The PML-N will make next government in the leadership of president Shahbaz Shahirf and Nawaz Sharif, and the PML-N will achieve success in entire Sindh.

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