Politics: (“I am only answerable to the court of 200 million people of Pakistan: Nawaz Sharif)

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Politics: (“I am only answerable to the court of 200 million people of Pakistan: Nawaz Sharif)

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ABBOTTABAD:Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that his only court for which he is answerable is 200 million people of Pakistan and added that general public is neither deaf nor blind and they will carry on the accountability of all those who had denied justice to their leader who came with the power of vote.

This he said here at Abbottabad on Sunday in his first public contacts move in connection with his countrywide mass contact campaign.

He accompanied by his coalition partner President of PakthunKhwaMilliAwami Party Mehmood Khan Achakzai, governor KP IqbalZafarJhagra, former governor KP SardarMehtab Ahmad Khan, Ex-CM KP PirSabir Shah, provincial president PML(N) Amir Muqam, Deputy Speaker National Assembly MurtazaJavedAbbasi , Senator AsifKirmani, MarviMemon Senator Pervez Rasheed and several others.

Nawaz Sharif said that he is the name of one ideology and asked all those who are talking about minus Nawaz Sharif to see the flood of people who all had rejected the decision of ousting him from premiership and added that he is still in the hearts of the general public who firmly believes that only Nawaz Sharif can bring out the country from multiple crisis and it was an eye opener for all and repeated his Islamabad to Lahore visit where people had given their verdict by rejecting the decisions of the courts.

He said despite the negative tactics and all efforts, they cannot find single penny corruption against him but he and his all family is repeatedly appearing in the courts on the name of accountability which is an attempt to get him out from the hearts of the public but he will never ran away from the country and will face all sort of charges, no one can stop him to serve the country for which he never afraid from courts and jails.

He said in the past 70 years nobody has asked from “Rahzan ” like Pervez Musharraf and many more who came into power through force and never made accountable but all those who came with the power of vote were thrown out all the time.

He said dictators were given path to rule and overrule the public and had been forcing to take oath under PCO to give strength to the power grabbers and this dual policy is questionable and now only “Judges” can give answer of this who are not doing justice and sitting on the helm of affairs of Justice and added that I am asking this “Important” question and people also want to know the answer of this.

Nawaz Sharif said that his review petition is pending before the court of general public as the decision of the court has put bad name in the world and its sounds are noticed in all over the world.

He added that this decision has destabilize the country’s progress, the growth of economy which had shown upward trend is once again dived down, when we came into power, there was load shedding of 20-20 hours, we were near to bankruptcy , terrorism was at its peak, while now people are saying goodbye to Load shedding, the terrorist activities are almost at lowest level and once again peace was taking its roots in the country but now the people who working on hidden agenda and Dharna culture has ruined the country’s progress .

He said KP is showing worst example of corruption especially in billions trees project and many and warned that people will take them at task and will recover their looted money while they fail to deliver and people of KP are fed up with the present rulers who could not deliver to general public.

Earlier Mehmood Khan Achakzai while addressing said that his party is supporting PML (N) on principles and will be the last person to standby with Mian Nawaz Sharif as he and his party believe that Mian Nawaz Sharif is playing role for the survival of democracy and protection of constitution of Pakistan. He rejected the charges leveled against Nawaz Sharif.

He said that he will never blame or give names of judges, generals or any other departments or organizations as all are federating units and all are bound to protect the boundaries of the country with protection of rule of law and constitution but any step taken against the wish and will of general public will be stopped by any mean he added.

He further said that efforts are being made to “create” leaders and they should must know that leaders come from the masses and from public and they are by birth leaders for which he said that wasteful attempt will be disaster.

SardarMehtab Ahmed Khan, Advisor to Prime Minister on Civil aviation speaking at the occasion said that people are supporting Main Nawaz Sharif as they consider him the only sincere leader who has the vision and ability to put the country’s economy on right track and country is entering into developed countries as he all time works for the supremacy of constitution and boost the democratic institutions.

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