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QUETTA: Educated people have left us due to negative politics of nationalists. End of politics of hate is vision of People’s Party. We would revive atmosphere of brotherhood by supporting people.

These views were expressed by President PPP Balochistan Ali Madad Jattak while speaking a gathering here Sunday.

Khilji tribal leader Alauddin Khilji and others announced to join PPP.

Chief Executive Harnai Khost Coal mines Saeed Agha and others were also present.

Jattak said PPP is only political party that has served people in every era. Once government of Balochistan paid frequent visits ot Islamabad for payment salaries of its employees but PPP during its regime distributed NFC award and ensure Balochistan’s share made it stand on its foot. Funds raised due to NFC award were being lapsed due to incompetent rulers.

Jattak added that founder of PPP Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto during his period signed CPEC agreements despite pressure from America, Israel and other countries. Asif Zardari tried to further this agreement and today we have complete CPEC. After its success, Pakistan would become most rich and sovereign country and would be in a position when foreign countries would wait us to get their visas.

He said PPP would be further strong after joining of Alauddin Khilji.

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