President Women Wing PTI Balochistan

DHADAR: Without end to terrorism, extremism we can’t move forward. Anti Islam forces were pitching us by dividing us into sects and faiths and infidels were chopping Muslims all over the world.

These views were expressed by President Women Wing PTI Balochistan Mohtarma Fahmeeda Jamali while speaking with Newsmen here Tuesday.

She said Muslims should rise above all sects and faiths and gather on a single platform to face terrorism and extremism.

She said those committing terrorism and suicide attacks under the cover of Islam cannot be Muslims and they were bringing bad name for country and Islam by playing in the hands of terrorists. Entire nation is united for elimination of such elements.

PTI leader said that PML-N has shattered democracy. Word democracy does not see good from the mouth those enjoying monarchy. Quaid e Tehreek Imran Khan by setting aside all facts has accorded priority for intra party election on democracy. After forming government dream of making Pakistan Islamic, welfare and democratic state would come true and there will be prosperity everywhere.

She said Government by raising prices of medicines has broken back of the masses and destroying good governance.