Provincial Nazima Jamaat Islami speaks

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Provincial Nazima Jamaat Islami speaks

February 18, 2018

QUETTA: Jamaat Islami’s Islah Moashra Mohim( reform society campaign) was underway all over Balochistan by Jamaat Islami women. For reform of society in education and development Islamic teaching is must. Haya is part of eiman and ornament of momin woman. Without haya demands of eiman do not complete. National Media should support Jamaat Islami’s Islah Moashra Mohim so that journey to reform, development and prosperity continues.

This was stated by Provincial Nazima Jamaat Islami Women Wing Shabana Anjum while addressing ceremonies in Quetta and other parts of the province.

Nazima Asima Qazi, Rubina Ali, Farzana Ejaz, Sofia Arshad, Sabiha Bibi and others were also present.

Shabana Anjum said Jamaat Islami women has launched reform society drive from February 10 to 28 to promote positive attitude and against vulgarity and nudity in Balochistan as elsewhere in the country. We all particularly authoritative segment and media has to adopt reforming measures on emergent basis to control growing vulgarity and bad attitudes. This drive is a movement and there is need to reform for security of coming generations.

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