PTV Quetta, PTV Bolan news bulletin people deprived of wages

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QUETTA: People engaged in preparing news bulletins of PTV Quetta and PTV Bolan are deprived of their wages for the last 18 months and they were facing great hardships. These people have decided to resort to protest as last resort.

Supervisors, Translators and Newscasters held a meeting with General Manager PTV Quetta Attaulalh Baloch and apprised him of their problems. He said he has spoken to PTV Head office in Islamabad but no positive result has been received.

Delegation told that people are very much angry with the government in Balochistan where there is insurgency. Depriving dozens of news workers of their wages would increase sense of deprivation of people.

General Manager assured them that he would contact PTV headquarters again and hopefully there will be some positive result.

Delegation told General Manager that if there was no positive progress about their wages by August 15, 2017 they would give up news work and its responsibility would rest on PTV authorities.

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