Rally taken out against ‘reverse gear to corruption’

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Rally taken out against ‘reverse gear to corruption’

KARACHI: Pakistani masses would not tolerate a reserve gear to corruption and all corrupt people must be taken to task, said Pasban e Pakistan’s President Altaf Shakoor while addressing an anti-corruption rally here on Sunday.

Pasban arranged a big ‘Corruption Bhaghao Mulk Bachao Rally’ that marched from Mazar-e-Quaid to Karachi Press Club (KPC). Shakoor said a sea of masses would take to streets if they tried to apply reverse gear to corruption. He said people were ready to lay all sacrifices to save this country from the corruption mafia. He said for poor people of Pakistan there was no difference between democracy and martial law.

He said: “There was corruption in everything from the purchase of railway engine to airplane.” He said small timers after entering assemblies have become filthy rich through mega corruption while poor families cannot buy milk for their hungry babies. He said this is sheer injustice, adding Pasban would fight this injustice with tooth and nail. Pasban leaders Sardar Zulfiqar, Akram Agaria, Saiful Islam Bukhari, Ahsan Basir and others also spoke.

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