TAMBOO: Statement of American journalist Mark Siegel is based on facts. Pervez Musharraf and his accomplices are involved in the murder of Benazir Bhutto. She had pointed out her killers during her life.

This was stated by President PPP Balochistan and former provincial minister Muhammad Sadi Umrani while addressing après conference at Dera Murad Jamali Friday.

Sadiq Umrani said that during 1990 and 2013 elections hidden forces arranged heavy mandate for Nawaz Sharif and company and spoiled sanctity of votes of people. Had elections held independent and impartial Nawaz Sharif and his industrial clique would never have reached to the august houses.

Answering a question Sadiq Umrani said Sharif brothers gave manifesto to the nation and made promises but nothing was done. Claims were made for ending electricity load shedding in six months but what to speak of its ending nation was further dragged into dark.

He said Nawaz Sharif is incapable to run the government but he was expert in increasing his wealth. He said he brought out a chit during his meeting with American President Obama and then put it back to his pocket. There is no successful internal and external policy.

About Afghans refugees he said population census in their presence would never be accepted.

Replying to a question about law and order in Balochistan he said though there has been some improvement but its credit goes to FC and Chief Minister Dr Abdul Malik Baloch.

He said Uch Power Plant 1 and 11 were laid by Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto while fly over projects in Quetta were given by PPP government. Their inauguration by Nawaz Sharif is deceive to the nation. Central leadership of PML-N did not give any mega project to Balochistan. There is no agri water in canal fed area of the province. He said claims are made for surrender fo Ferraris but it is nothing but mere photo session.

He said his sources said that after two and half eyras Chief Minister Dr Malik Baloch had contacts with angry Baloch leadership. He said politics of guns would not run. Without agreeing true Baloch leadership development of Balochistan is impossible. About Murree accord he said it is agreement between two parties. Agreements should be made on basis ideology. From 1947 till today Baluchistan’s people have been considered as third rate citizens. People of the province are patriotic and they should be given equal rights by accepting them as patriotic. He said Asif Zardari transferred powers to Parliament. PPP government was formed in Balochistan in 2008. Government of Balochistan was indebted to rupees 17 billion. PPP leadership and Asif Zardari waived off these debts.

Sadiq said Nawab Aslam Raisani made immense corruption. And boxes of dollars and gold were recovered from looters of provincial wealth.

He said PPP leadership do federal parliamentary politics. It will not leave the field and would continue it s struggle till rights of suppressed people and stability of motherland.