Snatching cases on the rise in Naundero

NAUNDERO: Criminals have once again been very active within the limits of Naundero and Ketty Mumtaz police stations as three people were looted near police picket and a shopkeeper was deprived of his entire items last night.

Kamil Channo, Sabir Abro and Ghafoor Shah were coming back to Naundero from Phulpota when they were intercepted near the police picket of Naundero House where cops are posted in large numbers. They were mercilessly beaten up and then deprived of costly cell phones, cash and other valuables by two armed men as the cops were fast asleep. The looted men reached local press club and complained to Journalists.

In another incident took place in Pir Jo Goth of Naundero police station limits, where unknown thieves barged into the shop of Juman Shah by cutting its locks and fled with all the things and cash. Both these criminals acts have been reported to Naundero police but they had done nothing as yet.