Special force constituted: Home Secretary

QUETTA: A project to secure China Pak economic corridor’s important part and south western city of Gwadar has been undertaken under which special forces has been constituted for security of Chinese nationals working here and public property and installations. Eight hundred former policemen were being appointed for this.

This was stated by Home Secretary Akbar Hussain Durrani while speaking with Voice of America.

He said army is already deployed in Gwadar while further steps were also being taken. A regular force for security has been prepared and we have named it as Security Division.

All such places where Chinese nationals are working would be provided security. Installation of cameras, lasers etc would also be completed shortly.

It is added here that Gwadar city has a population of one hundred thousand (100, 000) souls and after completion of deep water port with Chinese assistance activities have started.

Government has been claiming that local population was being accorded priority for employment at the undergoing projects.

Balochistan has been facing insurgency and terrorism for a long time but security forces actions against extremists and announcement of incentives and general amnesty for those involved in insurgency to give up their activities situation has improved to great extent.