Sports: Cricket: PSL final tickets – blacked and counterfeit

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Sports: Cricket: PSL final tickets – blacked and counterfeit

March 25, 2018

Karachi: Cricket has returned to Karachi with huge fanfare to the joy of the Karachiites after nearly a decade but it has also aggrieved a few fans, who were forced to buy tickets even at three times of its actual prices, as it was sold in black, and some were also reportedly duped into buying counterfeit tickets.

A source in Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had previously predicted that the tickets couldn’t be bought by the general public as it wouldn’t stay for sale as it would soon be sold right after it sale open as the date change to March 15 at midnight. There were also some reports of apprehensions of persons selling tickets in black by law enforcement agencies but many people have managed to sell tickets in black to diehard fans.

A news channel also reported that a person was also duped into buying counterfeit tickets, with a price tag of Rs 500 despite Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) original tickets lowest quoted price was Rs 1000. Meanwhile, social media has also been used to sell tickets in black.

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