SUP protests against settlement of strangers in Sindh

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KARACHI: Sindh United Party (SUP) Karachi division on Sunday held a protest demonstration outside Karachi Press Club against the settlement of illegal immigrants in Sindh.

Speaking on the occasion, SUP leader Syed Ghulam Shad said Sindh was already facing influx of aliens, as millions of strangers from Bangladesh and Afghanistan had settled in Sindh which were reducing the resources of Sindh. Sindhi people have already several problems and need education, health, and job facilities.

He criticized the ruling party of Sindh, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and said that PPP had always destroyed the resources of Sindh as the migrants were being settled in Sindh under a conspiracy to convert Sindhis into a minority.

Shah said: “Sindh is the territory of love, peace and Sufism, but the government has settled aliens in Sindh who are spreading extremism in Sindh.”

The party leader, Mehboob Abbasi said it had been cleared in the report of law enforcement agencies that refugees were the cause of terrorism and extremism in Sindh. “We strongly condemn the announcement of PPP to settle more aliens in Sindh.”

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