Tablighi Jamaat congregation ends in

Karachi: Millions attended the three-day Tablighi Jamaat congregation that ended in Karachi on Sunday morning.

The congregation was held at the spacious Ijitamagah Ground near Manghopir. Hundreds of thousands of vehicles were parked around the Ijitamagah area and crippling traffic jams were witnessed on Sunday morning when the congregation ended with special prayer after the Fajar Salat.

Interestingly the majority of the participants of the congregation comprised young people, including the students of high schools, colleges and universities. Though the Punjab government has banned holding of Tablighi Jamaat congregations inside the campus areas; however, a large number students in all parts of the country regularly attend the Tablighi Jamaat activities, as this Jamaat is considered peaceful, non-violent and non-political. Even many parents encourage their children studying in colleges and universities to attend Tablighi Jamaat activities, as they believe it would take care of their morality and character.

The main attraction of the congregation was the Bayan (speech) of Maulana Tariq Jameel. A large number of Karachiites thronged the congregation to listen to Maulana Tariq Jameel, who is considered as one of the finest orators of Pakistan.

However, as per traditions of Tablighi Jamaat, media coverage of this congregation was not allowed. However, many media personalities and journalists attended the congregation in their individual capacity. They opined that the government should develop the Ijitamagah area, particularly improving its road infrastructure.