Trade: (Kashmir should be granted Observer Status in ECO: President ECO-CCI)

ISLAMABAD: The Kashmir should be granted observer status in ECO like Northern Cyprus which is enjoying Observer Status.

This was stated by Abdul Rauf Alam, President FPCCI and ECO-CCI in a statement here on Monday.

He quoted that Northern Cyprus was granted Observer status in ECO on the recommendation of Turkey which was supported by ECO member countries.

He said Northern Cyprus is an autonomous entity in Turkey and almost similar like Azad Jammu Kashmir. Rauf Alam further stated that Pakistan has the Presidency of ECO Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECO-CCI) and he, being the President of FPCCI (the National Chamber of Pakistan) is holding the office of President ECO-CCI feeling that Kashmiri business community and enterprises should be facilitated on this international platforms which aimed merely the economic cooperation and prosperity in the region.

He said Pakistan has the privilege of being the founder member of ECO and FPCCI and ECO-CCI will move their stance through diplomatic channels of the government.

He said the Observer Status to Kashmir in ECO would not only support the cause of Kashmir but also will facilitate Kashmiri businessmen, enterprises, investors and more than this the economy of Kashmir will be linked with global economy.

He explained that this will promote tourism in Kashmir which could attract foreign investments in tourism sector in Kashmir and ultimately it will be a great help to boost the economic activities. He expressed his willing to organize ECO events and activities including business forums, conference, and exhibitions in Kashmir also.