Traffic police boss seeks more teeth to deal with violators

KARACHI: Deputy Inspector General of Karachi Traffic Police Dr Amir Ahmed Shaikh said on Friday that there is dire need to bring amendments in Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1965 and to extend punishments to traffic law violators, so as to develop a sense of responsibility in drivers of Karachi.

Talking to PPI, Dr Amir said they are going to write an official letter to IGP Sindh and its copy will be sent to Law Department, government of Sindh, requesting them to increase fine charges and extend period of imprisonment for those who violate traffic rules, specially who have bogus driving licenses or having no documents of vehicles they are driving in the metropolis.

DIG said the negligent drivers are behind 75 percent of road accidents in the city who have even no proper driving license. Karachi is urban city so there should be strict rule for drivers, adding when our people travel abroad they strictly follow the law but in their own country they freely violate them.

He said the motor vehicle law suggests that driving without license is an offense. He said if the fine for this offence is increased from Rs 500 to Rs 2000 plus one month imprisonment, it would give positive results.

He said there is rule that no person shall drive a motor vehicle in public place unless it is in his possession as per the Pakistan Highway Code; however, to stop violating of this rule they also recommend increasing punishment for this offence.