Underpasses must to reduce traffic pressure in Saddar

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Karachi: Saddar area is a severely traffic congested area as its streets miss overhead bridge or underpasses for a better traffic flow.

People have to wait at every traffic signal for five to 10 minutes and the situated is worse particularly at M A Jinnah Road at the junction of Aga Khan III Road, commonly known as Garden Road.

Traffic jams at the Garden Road junction are routine and waste precious time and fuel of citizens. Due to rush in this busy area all surrounding areas also face crippling traffic jams.

Voice against Corruption President Ahsan Bari Advocate has demanded early construction of an underpass at the junction of MA Jinnah Road and Aga Khan III Road on priority.

Moreover, the important artery of Garden Road is a shabby condition and needs urgent repair.

This road that links the Garden area to the M A Jinnah Road houses many important buildings like PMA House, Police Headquarters Garden and Zoological Garden. Famous Makki Masjid, officers housing colony and many important hospitals, and clinics are situated along this road. This road also serves as an important link to the Lyari Expressway.

However, due to poor sewerage system and use of substandard material in past repair and renovation work of this road, it is now in broken and pot-holed condition and needs urgent repair through a reliable contractor who can use standard material.

This important road is also being used by senior bureaucrats and police officers, besides thousands of the visitors of the Zoological Garden also use this street. It needs removal of encroachments from its footpaths, repair of its faulty drainage system and a proper re-carpeting of the road on urgent basis to facilitate citizens.

Commuters and motorists who use this busy street on regular basis have appealed to the Chief Minister of Sindh, Syed Murad Ali Shah to order its urgent and quality repair in larger public interest.

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