Unskilled staff of diagnostic laboratories playing with lives of citizens

KARACHI: The health department, government of Sindh has failed to introduce proper mechanism to register diagnostic laboratories in Sindh province as the illegal practice is on peak in the city and other parts of province, it was learned on Tuesday.

According a survey conducted by PPI, illegal business of diagnostics laboratories is on the rise in the city due to poor check and balance system while provincial government has miserably failed to introduce a comprehensive mechanism to register diagnostic labs. The illegal diagnostics laboratories are operating in every nook and corner of the city without any check and balance.

In the field of medical, a diagnostic test is any kind of medical test performed to aid in the diagnosis or detection of disease, injury or any other medical condition. The diagnostic tests help surgeons and consultants to deal with the diseases in better way but unfortunately, substandard labs are hampering the authenticity of tests and also putting thousands of lives at risk.

The unskilled and non-qualified people are running these laboratories, while majority of such labs are operating without pathologists. The non-qualified staff of these labs is unable to examine or investigate the diseases properly which further exaggerates the diseases. The unskilled staff is playing with lives of citizens openly.

The owners of diagnostic laboratories have fixed their own rates for tests due to poor check and balance system. They are looting the citizens with both hands.

Secretary Sindh Blood Transfusion Authority (SBTA), Dr Zahid Ansari, while talking to PPI said there is no law in the province to register diagnostic labs. He informed that illegal labs could not come under his domain as he is only authorized to take action against illegal blood banks. He said action against owners of illegal blood banks will continue in future.

Director, Health Services Karachi, Dr Zafar Ejaz, said implementation of Sindh Healthcare Commission is necessary to stop this illegal business of diagnostic labs in the city. He said a pathologist and skilled technician is necessary to run labs.

Secretary Health Sindh Saeed Ahmed Mangnejo, when contacted, said health department had devised a comprehensive strategy to take action against illegal diagnostics labs operating across the province and crackdown will be launched throughout the province soon.

He said necessary directives had been issued to health department officials across the province to launch crackdown against illegal blood banks and labs. He said strict action will be taken against owners of labs over violation of rule and regulations.