37% have had their blood sugar checked,Poll

Islamabad: According to a Gilani Research Foundation Survey carried out by Gallup Pakistan, 37% Pakistanis have had their blood sugar checked, at least once in their lifetime, by a doctor or a nurse. Of these individuals, 45% have been told, in the past one year, that their blood sugar is high.

A nationally representative sample of men and women, from across the four provinces was asked “Have you ever gotten your blood sugar level/diabetes checked by a doctor or at a laboratory?” Responding to this, 37% replied in the affirmative while 51% said no. 12% did not respond.

The individuals who responded positively were further asked: “In the past one year, has any doctor told you that your blood sugar level is high or that you have diabetes?” In response, 45% were told that their blood sugar was high or that they had diabetes while 54% were not told so. 1% did not respond.

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