Bike lifting in Khairpur district on the rise

KHAIRPUR MIRS: The bike snatching and pilfering in district Khairpur, particularly in Gambat taluka, is on the rise due to dereliction of police which is reluctant to take result-oriented actions against the criminals.

The situation has turned so worst that bikes were being snatched and lifted in broad day light due to lack of effective police patrolling within their limits. The organized gangs have involved in this business, making the life people miserable. It seems that there is no rule of law.

A villager told on anonymity that some influential people were harbouring the bike lifting gangs in district Khairpur. He said: “Recently, I parked a bike in a street in Gambat town and went to the house of my relatives. As I came back to the street after five minutes, my bike was missing.”

He said: “I searched the bike at various points of the town but there is no clue to it. He said that such incidents are on the rise as police do not take actions for recovery of these vehicles. He revealed that gangs of vehicle lifters steal bikes and sell their parts at very cheap prices, making it routine business.

It is reported that there is no rule of law across the district. The criminals are roaming everywhere because they do not have any fear of police.

The Inspector General of Police is hereby asked to tight noose around erring police officials of district Khairpur and help stop bike snatching and stealing so that people could travel to their destinations peacefully.

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