CDA and ICCI vow to work together for a better Islamabad

Islamabad: The business community is playing a significant role in the development of local economy and CDA will take stakeholders on board on all important matters to facilitate them, said Amer Ahmed Ali, Member Administration CDA while addressing business community at Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

He said the issue of levying parking fee in markets is still under consideration and CDA will settle this issue in consultation with businessmen to arrive at a consensus decision. He explained that CDA should be able to provide services in lieu of fee structure which shall remain rationalized.

He said many measures are being taken to bring further improvements in CDA’s internal systems to make them efficient and transparent. These initiatives will take some time and hopefully people will see positive change in CDA in coming days.

He said that CDA has planned to launch an Urban Transport System in the federal capital to provide a decent transport facility to the commuters and the bus service would hopefully be on roads within 3-4 months.

CDA is also considering outsourcing the maintenance and repairs works of footpaths, pavements, roads etc. improve the look of Islamabad. Building byelaws would also be reviewed to improve them in order to cater to the current needs of industry.

He assured that his doors will remain opened for individuals and businessmen to listen to their problems and explore optimum solutions of their problems.

In his welcome address, Shaban Khalid, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry said that CDA has a critical role in the development of local infrastructure to facilitate the smooth growth of business activities and we look forward that the new blood would make a difference in the performance of CDA.

He said Chief Commissioner ICT has agreed to hold once in a month meeting involving the representatives of ICCI, local administration, police and CDA to resolve problems proactively and hoped that CDA would cooperate in this effort to settle maters before they become problems.

He said that the approach of consultation with stakeholders and taking consensus decisions will help in developing Islamabad on modern lines with joint efforts.

He said that Islamabad Highway from airport to Islamabad needs further improvements to bring it at par with international standards. Appreciating the encouraging approach of Member Administration CDA, he assured that ICCI would cooperate in every step taken for the betterment and facilitation of stakeholders.

Representatives of various markets also highlighted their issues. They said that CDA’s building byelaws have become outdated and are required to be revised to meet the current day needs.

They said CDA should consider allowing multiple storey buildings on industrial plots; improve infrastructure including roads, water, sewerage system, footpaths, pavements, street lights and open all traders except for negative list that will help in boosting business activities and generating more revenue for the CDA as well.

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