District: PTI’s roots getting deeper day by day among masses: Ibrarul Haq

Sialkot: Prominent singer and PTI Central leader Ibrarul Haq has said that the roots of PTI were getting deeper day by day among the masses. He stated this while addressing a big public meeting at village Begowala, Sambrial tehsil near Sialkot.

He said that the PTI was successfully implementing on a much effective political strategy to give the “tough time” to the PML-N government during the coming LB polls, saying that the PTI was in very strong position to win the LB Polls.

He said that the PTI was the party and voice of the poor people now and was striving to empower the poor after ending the decades-long political monopoly of the feudal lords in the country. Ibrarul Haq alleged that present rulers have miserably failed to honour their political promises and commitments, in the country

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