187 pipes still throw waste water into Rice Canal in Larkana

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187 pipes still throw waste water into Rice Canal in Larkana

November 18, 2018

LARKANA:Releasing of sewerage water into Rice Canal could not be stopped despite Sindh government’s efforts and orders of the Water Commission appointed by the apex court.

Rice Canal is flowing in the mid of the ever-growing city of Larkana and is the main source of barrage water. The issue of sewage water releasing in to Rice Canal is very old due to which many people have been infected with deadly diseases not only in Larkana but up to Dadu district and subsoil water has also become highly contaminated. The District Government authorities also took several steps to stop draining of sewerage into the Canal but have so far miserably failed putting thousands of lives in danger.

A detailed round showed that from Dodai village to Larkana, a distance of about five kilo meters, human dwellings start on both sides of Canal and they all throw sewage water into the Rice Canal through approximately 187 small and large pipes out of which 102 pipes are on right side of Rice Canal and 85 on left side.

The residents of these areas also throw their garbage into the Canal making it highly polluted without any hindrance or check either by the Larkana Municipal Corporation (LMC) or Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) engineers. Irrigation water flows once in a year during paddy sowing season in rice canal and now it looks like a huge sewerage drain which also flows downstream up to Dadu district due to which the population living in those areas are also straightaway very seriously affected but even then Sindh Government and Larkana administration are not moved to resolve this life and death issue of the entire populace. The people living on both sides of Rice Canal alleged that their areas are without any drainage system hence they have no option but to dispose it off into the canal through pipes.

Larkana Mayor Aslam Shaikh claimed on Sunday that as many as 28 big pipes have been removed so far but two pipes of two drainage schemes are still releasing poisonous sewage water into Rice Canal. He said previously sewage water was thrown into rice canal through 495 pipes illegally erected by the residents living on both sides of rice canal which are being removed by PHED. Mayor hoped that all pipes will be removed by June next year.

Mayor Shaikh said out of five Oxidation Plants, three have been completed which are located on the outskirts of the city and work on two is underway which too will be completed by June 2019. He said some quantity of filtered sewage water is also used by the growers of the area to irrigate their lands and the rest is again released into rice canal from oxidation ponds. Mayor disclosed that pipe removing work was launched when PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari took notice of the menace in 2014 but, he added, Water Commission directed removal of sewage pipes from Rice Canal in December 2017 which is yet be implemented.

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