2 young real brothers shot dead

Chakwal: Two young real brothers were shot dead at village Khairpur in the area of Kallar Kahar police station due to an old enmity. Neezam Khan told the police that his grand sons Faisal Mehmood (25) and Taimoor Zaman (18) went out to look after the cattles and when they did not turn up in the evening, he along with Haider Zaman started searching them.

In the mean time both were coming in the street of Govt. Hospital and suddenly Javed Iqbal Jawad Khan and Ahsan Ayaz armed with Automatic weapons appeared on the scene and they opened indiscriminate firing on them, resulting killing them on the spot.

The 3 accused after killing them fled away from the scene. The accused Javed Iqbal have a suspicion that his brother Shehzad Iqbal was murdered by both these brothers.

Inspector SHO Zulfiqar Bazid after having autopsy of the dead bodies, registered a double murder case against the accused and starting searching them.

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