33 newly appointed doctors refused to join duty

SIALKOT: The 33 newly appointed doctors have refused to join their official duties at the government basic health units (BHUs) and rural health centers (RHCs) in Sialkot district as a protest against, what they said, very tough policy given by the provincial government, in this regard.

In December 2013, the Punjab government recruited 55 doctors and had handed over their services to the concerned officials in Sialkot district to cope with the burning issue of prolonged shortage and non-availability of the doctors in BHUs and RHCs, making them functional.

Under the provincial government’s recruiting policy, these 55 were appointed there with the conditions including that the doctors would not be allowed to do their private practice, their incentives would not be increased and they would not be transferred and posted to any other place for the next three years.

Protesting against these “tough conditions”, 33 doctors have refused to join their duties. Earlier, they had deposited their affidavits and agreed to join their duties while the rest 22 doctors had joined their duties.

District Health Officer (DHO) Sialkot Dr. Javaid Warraich told that as many as 55 doctors had been appointed at different BHUs and RHCs in district out of which 22 doctors have joined their duties while the rest will join their duties soon.

DHO narrated out of these 22 doctors, who had joined his duties, ten doctors have gone for getting their post graduate training at Kh. Muhammad Safdar Medical College Sialkot and other medical colleges. Now, only 12 doctors, out of these recently appointed doctors, were available in district.

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